Isuzu Sento #27

Isuzu Sento (千斗 いすず, Sento Isuzu) is the main female protagonist of Amagi Brilliant Park series.

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Isuzu is a slim young woman in her mid teens who happens to be a beautiful girl with thigh-length golden brown hair that is tied into a ponytail by her signature black and white ribbon, golden eyes and she bears a voluptuous and well-endowed figure that is sometimes comically referred to by her friends at the park.

She is often seen wearing a scarlet full dress uniform with black accents that looks like British Army’s Infantry/Bandsman, gold aigrettes worn on the right shoulder, a white ribbon at the center of her collar, black skirt, and white thigh-high stockings with black ribbons tied around. Starting episode 6 and onward she switches to a sleeveless version of her uniform due to it being summer.


Isuzu has a stoic personality. She is very quick to use her magical gun. Her face is usually expressionless and having no emotion. She finds it hard to smile and is not good at understanding jokes. If she thinks too much, she gets confused with what to say. She comes across as cold and blunt but behind that she is also very sensitive. She also has trouble expressing her concerns such as Kanie wanting more staff which made her worry over her own position. The rare times she has another facial expression is when she is either nervous, embarrassed or completely surprised by the things around her.

She appears to be very violent but that is because she is unaware of the “proper” ways to approach and ask help from humans. She has little experience with social interactions with normal humans or just does not have good socializing skills. However, Isuzu has a monstrous temper as whenever she gets angry, her eyes become empty, her expression becomes blank and a red aura appears around her body. During these times, she is fully aware that she is violent, but continues with what she is doing because the people who caused her rage (usually Macaron or Tiramy) did something that rightfully caused her to get angry. When she is in this mode, the other park members are frozen in fear and are unable to stop her behavior, save for Latifa Fleuranza who can talk her down.


Isuzu is from a magic land called Mapleland. She holds the title of First Royal Guard and wields a magical muzzle-loader named Steinberger. Her true name is Isuzuruha Centollusia (イースズルハ・セントルシア, Īsuzuruha Sentorushia).

Isuzu transferred during the third semester of high school and brushed away the flood of men approaching her. She currently lives in the staff dormitory that is located inside the park.


Isuzu has a magical muzzle-loader named Steinberger who is able to take this out whenever or wherever she goes. She also carries a number of special bullets:

  • Pain Bringer bullets instill sharp acute pain to the target that won’t physically injure or wound them. She describes the pain to be similar to stubbing your pinky toe on a dresser/couch.
  • Forgotten Realm bullets makes the target have short-term memory loss, she uses these bullets to make unhappy visitors or people she had interrogated to forget recent events.
  • Paradise Lost bullets makes the target not be able to use their reproductive genitals no longer work. She has yet to use them.
  • Exorcising bullets are powerful rounds that are used to eliminate magical and spiritual entities. She has fired it at Takaya Kurisu when he took up a phantom form and tried to attack Kurisu and attempted to fire it at the spectre that was haunting Biino Bandō.

Isuzu is able to create a magical barrier to trap her enemies by slamming Steinberger into the ground, as seen in the Manga.