Medaka Kurokami #29

Medaka Kurokami (黒神 めだか, Kurokami Medaka) is the female protagonist of the series Medaka Box.

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A freshman of Class 13, she was the 98th and later 99th Student Council president of Hakoniwa Academy. She is a childhood friend of Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, who she strong-arms into joining the Student Council at the start of the series. After becoming the head of the Kurokami Group, Medaka also becomes the chairwoman of Hakoniwa Academy. She is the child of Kajiki Kurokami and Hato Tsurubami, and the younger sister of Kujira Kurokami and Maguro Kurokami.


Medaka is an excellent academic student, placing first in the national test. In addition to her academic achievements, she has excelled in various other areas, such as calligraphy and sports, and obtained seemingly inhuman results. However, she is somewhat lacking in practical knowledge, as no one expects her to have the need to understand subjects “below her”. Before Mogana Kikaijima’s intervention, she did not know what the Baseball Club was for, nor had she ever been to an amusement park. Zenkichi even once describes her as being “so smart she crossed back into stupid”.

Medaka is known to look down on people, but despite this, she sees the good in everyone. She believes everyone who seems to be a bad person to have “strayed from the right path”, and that they used to be good people. So far, she has always been right about this assumption, even if the people themselves don’t know it. Her personality is one of helping others, and she is determined to finish any task placed in the suggestion box. For every task she completes, Medaka buys a vase with flowers. She one day hopes to have completed so many suggestions that she fills the entire academy with blooming flowers.

As noted by several characters, Medaka’s personality is overwhelming: her approval rating is proof of her ability to convert people to her followers. This force of personality often manifests itself in Medaka’s Proof of One’s Worth (真骨頂, Shinkocchou), also known as her trump cards. However, this overwhelming force of presence only works on humans; animals can only sense her power, and not the personality that accompanies it. Medaka loves animals, but they are utterly terrified of her, leading her into bouts of depression when an animal rejects her.


Medaka has very long purple hair that reaches down to her waist and bangs that barely overlap her red eyes, as well as a semi-straight ahoge. She has a beautiful body and especially large breasts, which she has no scruples about showing off. Medaka’s height is 166.2 cm (5’5), her weight is 56 kg (123.5 lbs), and her three measurements are B98-W59-H87, making her bra size a J-cup in Japan. Medaka wears the uniform of the Student Council, black as opposed to the usual white. Her original uniform displays her impressive cleavage and has a shortened skirt, but after Hitomi Hitoyoshi arrives at the school, she modifies Medaka’s uniform to cover her breasts and lengthens the skirt. During the battle to decide the academy’s new Student Council, Medaka wears the Student Council’s Battle Attire Red Model. During the Treasure Hunt orientation prepared for the Candidate Student Council, Medaka switches back to a uniform without Hitomi’s modifications, thought it now includes two bands of material just above her breasts. With all versions of her black uniform, she wears a red ribbon in place of the usual tie. The red armband of the Student Council president is worn around her left arm. When dressed to break dance, Medaka wears a large cap, as well as baggy clothing in hip-hop fashion. After Medaka loses the election, she changes to a long-sleeved version of the standard women’s uniform of Hakoniwa Academy, and gives up her armband.

At the start of the third semester, Medaka has Zenkichi cut her hair at shoulder-length, and puts the rest in a small ponytail. She now wears an open, light yellow jacket and a dark red shirt which shows her stomach. She also wears jeans and detached sleeves that match her shirt. After withdrawing from Hakoniwa Academy, Medaka changes back to the standard women’s uniform. After taking over as the academy chairwoman, Medaka wears a dark vest with the academy insignia over a long-sleeved collared shirt. She ceases to tie up her hair and dons a small pair of glasses. Ten years later, Medaka wears a white suit with six buttons down the front. The suit has a dark section at the center and at the cuffs. She has regrown her hair, and her breasts have gotten bigger.

At age one, Medaka wore a light green dress with white wristbands. She had short hair that only reached her ears. At age two, Medaka wore a pink dress with a red ribbon at the collar. A few years later, she wore a pink, long-sleeved dress with a red collar, along with black socks and brown shoes. When she was a middle school student, Medaka wore the uniform of Hakobune Middle School. She initially had her hair done in two ponytails, though later changed to one single ponytail. When she entered Hakoniwa Academy, Medaka wore the standard women’s uniform of Hakoniwa Academy, with her hair in two ponytails once again.