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Tifa Lockhart – ティファ・ロックハート

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A member of the anti-Shinra militant group Avalanche. Tifa manages Seventh Heaven, a bar located in the Sector 7 slums. A student of Zangan-style martial arts, she can clobber opponents with her fleet-footed combat techniques.

Tifa Lockhart is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake. She also plays a supportive role in Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenDirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. She is a friend of Cloud Strife, and a member of the resistance group Avalanche.

Tifa grew up with Cloud in Nibelheim, but lost contact with him years ago. When she meets him again, she convinces him to join Avalanche to fight the Shinra Electric Power Company, whom she bears hatred for due to the destruction of their hometown. She supports Cloud as his comrade and helps him and his allies fight Sephiroth. Tifa is reserved and empathic, acting as a motherly figure towards her allies when providing encouragement and emotional support. She also serves as the voice of reason grounding them to think things through and do the right thing.

In contrast to her shy personality, Tifa has a vigorous combat style, fighting with her fists. Trained by Zangan, she uses martial arts skills to fight opponents up close, and equips knuckles as her weapons. In the original Final Fantasy VII, unlike other characters, her Limit abilities, each a different martial arts technique, are not selected from a list, rather, each ability can be used consecutively if the slots land on the “Yeah!” reel for the ability. Tifa has a similar role in Final Fantasy VII Remake as an agile close combat fighter making use of powerful techniques in battle, with a unique ability based on her Unbridled Strength chi level.