Yurishia Farandole #31

Yurishia Farandole (ユリシア・ファランドール Yurisia Farandole) is one of the main protagonists of the Masō Gakuen HxH series. She is the ace of America, being the former captain of the the West U.S.A. H.H.G. Team, 「MASTERS」, before transferring to Ataraxia and becoming a member of Amaterasu.

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Yurishia is a beautiful young woman with the typical features of Caucasian descent, having blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin. She looks more mature compared to her age. Kizuna described her as glamorous and perfect.

Her Heart Hybrid Gear looks like a protector with beautiful material. The sleek surface reflects the surrounding light and gold lines of light is running inside it. It has a small surface area which makes one feel uneasy whether it could really accomplish its role as a protector.

There are also weapons integrated on the back and around the waist. The two large units stretching out from the back, the Differential Frames (Offensive Mobile Particle Engine) divides the energy they produce for propulsive power and the particle cannon. The units have a mobile style where Yurishia can move them freely using her will, leaving no blind spot for her.

Yurishia is usually seen wearing the Ataraxia school uniform. Outside of school, she either wears stylish causal dresses or revealing, form-fitting clothes such as tank tops and hotpants. Later, after returning to their world, Yurishia started wearing a blue leather collar around her neck to show everyone that she’s Kizuna’s sex slave. Yurishia later received a heart shape tattoo from Kizuna on her abdomen that says “Kizuna’s Love Slave”.


Yurishia has a clumsy and somewhat big-sister like personality. Everyone in Ataraxia respects and adores her like a princess. she is very confident in her abilities, appearance and is not afraid to take on a lot of opponents all alone. At first, she is quite cold yet towards Kizuna like most of the girls but later after he saved her from an enemy by risking his own life, she started to develop feelings for him and starts to open up to him little by little. Unlike other girls, Yurishia didn’t hide her feelings and desire for Kizuna.

Like every ordinary girl, she likes to go on dates as seen when she went with Kizuna to shops and restaurants. She is very free-spirited and carefree when not fighting. She also blushes when Kizuna compliments her. She is very self-confident and holds her position as Ace in very high regard so she will do anything to live up to her status as one of the strongest students in Ataraxia. Yurishia also has a unique way of speaking by dragging out the end of her words.

Yurishia has suffered from mother issues since she was a child. She always had more interest in being a superhero than a princess, but her mother wanted her to be a proper lady that was envied by everyone. However, her parents divorced and her mother made a new family. This caused Yurishia to feel her mother had abandoned her. This made it easier for Osiris brainwashing to control her, as Osiris treated her as her daughter and would do the stuff she likes with her.

Yurishia is also very wise and understanding, as she understands how important it is they remove their cores for their sake and for the next generations. As well, she is often the first to remind the others why they need to do Heart Hybrid and is the most willing to try new ideas for the sake of improving it, such as the Love Room and Connective Hybrid. She’s also the most open about doing Hybrid with Kizuna and doesn’t mind sharing him with other women, but she doesn’t like knowing he’s doing things with them that he hasn’t done with her yet, making her feel more offende